Saturday, November 15, 2008

Lawrence Annunziata(A Prime Candidate)

During the most exciting election in presidential history.World famous photographer Richard Phibbs shot
a visionary fashion story for Paper magazine, where he selected nine gorgeous African American male models, and had them portray our newly elected president Barack Obama.In this group of gorgeous black presidents, was our own Lawrence Annunziata. Lawrence Annunziata is absolutely strikingly beautiful
He is a models model, with perfect classic features, framed with flawless cocoa colored skin.
Lawrence is another one of those models who is as fluid in front of the camera, as he is on the runway.wich has landed him clients such as Jeremy Scott, Escada, Sean John, Richard Phibbs, M.R., etc.
With impeccable personal style, that he adorns on a lovely lean six foot two frame, Lawrence makes
clothes look good. Although he may have not been victorious in the election, when it comes to being one of the most beautiful faces in the industry. Lawrence Annunziata gets our vote.

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