Saturday, November 15, 2008

Lawrence Annunziata(A Prime Candidate)

During the most exciting election in presidential history.World famous photographer Richard Phibbs shot
a visionary fashion story for Paper magazine, where he selected nine gorgeous African American male models, and had them portray our newly elected president Barack Obama.In this group of gorgeous black presidents, was our own Lawrence Annunziata. Lawrence Annunziata is absolutely strikingly beautiful
He is a models model, with perfect classic features, framed with flawless cocoa colored skin.
Lawrence is another one of those models who is as fluid in front of the camera, as he is on the runway.wich has landed him clients such as Jeremy Scott, Escada, Sean John, Richard Phibbs, M.R., etc.
With impeccable personal style, that he adorns on a lovely lean six foot two frame, Lawrence makes
clothes look good. Although he may have not been victorious in the election, when it comes to being one of the most beautiful faces in the industry. Lawrence Annunziata gets our vote.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


FABULOUS FACES - Vote on your favorite Identities new face, and tell us why?





Spring Collection Shows 2009

Here are some of the highlights from spring collection 2009

Diana - Tamara Pogosian

Olivia - Ceasar Galindo Shyloh - Edwing D'Angelo

Frank - Russell Simmons(Argyle Culture) Ger - Edwing D'Angelo
Ernesto - Nico And Adrian Lamar James - Edwing D'Angelo


FIRE WATCH: MODEL "Diana Schnaidt"
Blazing in our Fire Watch from Russia with love is lovely model Diana Schnaidt. Diana is the epitomy of a model from catalog to the catwalk, she is a well seasoned pro.
Even at 5'9.5 inches tall, Diana's walk is strong and precise, which this season was evident in shows like Caesar Galindo,
Tamara Pogosian, Nico and Adrian etc.
To see Diana perform in front of the camera, will immediately take you on a journey back to the 90's,
when there was such a word called Super Model. Diana (a formers trained dancer) is one of the most amazing models
you will ever see in front of the camera,.with her flexibility, creativity, and total awareness of her angels, Diana could easily rival Linda Evangelista and Christy Turlingtonin their prime.Her unique beauty with chiseled native American Indian check bones, framed with long flowing brunette hair,
makes her an very interesting canvas for any artist to create upon.


Goldie Perri is the new hot boy featured in this months "Fire Watch."Goldie arrived in New York from Memphis, Tennessee just two moths ago, where he was instantly booked for the Edwing D'Angelo and Nico and Adrian spring 2009 collection shows. As well as the cover feature story for Bleu magazine "Black Boys are Beautiful". Goldie is 19 years old, six foot one, with perfect gold yellow skin, full voluoptous lips, that sits on top of a lean track runners physique . Many clients have already commented on his uncanny resemblance to super model Chanel Iman, and how they can easily pass for brother and sister (what an amazing shoot that would make!) With all of these unstopable atributes that Mr. Perri posses, we are sure that his chances of being one of the new stars in the fashion industry are "as good as gold".

Goldie Perri top Right standing on stool.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Simon Duncan Presentation

Here is a look at the fabulous presentation from designer Simon Duncan coordinated by Mykal Smith staring two of Identities finest Syhloh Wilkinson and Ernesto Araujo.

Shyloh Wilkinson

Ernesto Araujo


Hello Fellow Bloggers

Although we are new to the blog spot,we are not new to the industry.Identities is an exciting, multi culture, trend setting agency thats is proudly celebrating its first decade in the fashion industry.We are excited and honored to have this blog spot, to share our news, views, and our world with you...